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What are Key Takeaways?

Key Takeaways are the interesting parts of Youtube videos.

And with these key takeaways you can skip 50% of Youtube noise and go straight to the most relevant information.

How does this skipping work?

On our platforms each Youtube video has Key Takeaways (KT). For each KT you see a short transcript and a button “Play rest of part”. When you click this button you jump straight to this part and play the important stuff.

Benefits of Key Takeaways

When you watch Key Takeaways you: – skip right to the interesting parts – save huge amounts of time and -still get the most important information.

People save 3 x time. Why?

How are Key Takeaways created?

Created by our community

On each of our 6 platforms people can create the Key Takeaways themselves. All they have to do is sign up for a free “creators” account on our partner website KeyTakeawaycreators.com

Why would people sign up?

People have various reasons to sign up:

Become a Partner!

Research shows when a platform has emotional connection
with visitors it’s the perfect moment to engage

Partners we serve

Our platforms fit the needs of a diverse group of partners.

The perfect place for your brand to reach your audience

Youtube is full of junk not adding any value to the viewer other than taking up to much of their valuable time.

The solution is obvious:

Key Takeaways are the interesting parts of Youtube videos 

When you watch Key Takeaways you:

Did you know
68% of Youtube videos consist of noise?

By simply creating a Key Takeaway our platforms are build from the ground up by our community of “Creators” who feel the need to share (populair) and informative videos of Youtubers they admire. This means we have highly engaged website visitors. And because of high quality standards (not every Youtube video is allowed on our platforms) we have targeted audiences around 6 area’s of life.

Piece of the (big) Pie

By continually adding small pieces, piece for piece, brick by brick, together we create the whole pie. There is no limit to the number of Youtube videos or regions we can add to our platforms. Basically: When it’s on Youtube and meets our standard – it can serve the needs of our visitors.

Powerful insights

This is where the logic comes in.

Of course we gain deep insights in what Key takeaways perform best or get the most attention. We leave it to your imagination how this will help you reach your goals.

The perfect place to reach your audience

Youtube is full of junk not adding any value to the viewer other than taking up to much of their valuable time.

Our visitors have emotional reasons

We are a group of 6 free-E-learning platforms. And people visit our platforms because they want to improve their health, business, career, relationships and personal life. And part of improving ones life is buying products that are truly related and beneficiary to these (most likely) emotional “why’s”. And now it’s you change to help these people who really need your product.

“Our platforms reach thousands of people who improve their lives”

What better way to present books when it’s most relevant to people – when they are in need of a better life –

Our platforms reach thousands of people who (want to) change their lives. 
What better way then to help them achieving their goals?

About us

Changing peoples lives

Frequently Asked Questions

Keytakeawaymediagroup is a part of Bulletproof Media Group, a conglomerate of internet video publishers and “Life improvement” companies. We combine our expertise in Storytelling, Branding, Marketing, Technology and Data into – video internet platforms – that are the ideal way to really connect with our audiences.

It all started with our founders,  that had real needs that were neglected by the status quo.  We wanted to improve ours lives and did not belong to those born with a silver spoon. 

Unfortunately the 1980s Education system was (and still is) not set up to help people improve their lives. Instead it’s created to sort of produce “factory workers”. 80% of the curriculum consists of just regurgitating mostly boring information. Information that nowadays can easily be found on the internet. 

So this Education system does not learn (our) children the most important aspects of life: how to improve their lives in health, wealth and love. 

In hindsight and with this in mind each of the founders started a personal journey that let to the believe that today everybody should easily have access to information about how to improve their lives.

This now is the starting point of everything we do.

Youtube, for many just an entertainment platform, can, for the observing eye, also be viewed as one of the biggest life improvement libraries in the world. Where people, when you search past the funny and useless video-content, share valuable knowledge. 

Youtube, however is not set-up as learning platform.

And this is where we come in.

With Key Takeaways we -declutter -Youtube and provide tools for people, together with our community, to help improve their lives. In that way, we are build from the ground up, by people for people. 

Can we meet your team. Yes.

You can meet some of our members by following this link 

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