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Youtube is full of junk not adding any value to the viewer other than taking up to much of their valuable time. 

The solution is obvious:  

“Key Takeaways are the interesting parts of Youtube videos”.

When you watch Key Takeaways you: – skip right to the interesting parts – save huge amounts of time and -still get the most important information.

68% of Youtube videos consist of “noise”​

Build from the ground up

By simply creating a Key Takeaway our platforms are build from the ground up by our community of “Creators” who feel the need to share (populair) and informative videos of Youtubers they admire. This means we have highly engaged website visitors. And because of high quality standards (not every Youtube video is allowed on our platforms) we have targeted audiences around 6 area’s of life.   

Piece of the (big) Pie

By continually adding small pieces, piece for piece, brick by brick, together we create the whole pie. There is no limit to the number of Youtube videos or regions we can add to our platforms. Basically: When it’s on Youtube and meets our standard – it can serve the needs of our visitors. 

Powerful insights

This is where the logic comes in. Of course we gain deep insights in what Key takeaways perform best or get the most attention. 

We leave it to your imagination how this will help you reach your goals. 

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