Our Team

Meet the people maken it happen and providing you with the great stuffs. Also, you can connect with them. Know what they are doing and on what they are working on.

Pyke van Dieren​

Co-founder & CEO

Always on the look for a learning opportunity. Father of five young children. More info visit www.py.ke


Anna damme

Co-founder & COO

As experienced holistic Dental hygienist she knows a lot about people and their health. She also knows how hard it is for people to learn new stuff when they are used to do things a certain way or when they are mis informed by big (unhealthy) food industry companies. 

She is the driving force behind this company .. and before we forget.. Mother of 5 young children. 


Andrew Carpenter

Media strategist

Previous owner of a big advertising agency with customers like Samsung or Landrover. After getting more grounded instead of “the endless pursuit of more“ he has freed up his mind for creatieve strategic and data driven thinking.


Mark Doodeman

Head Content

Writer, (brand) storyteller, movie and documentary maker for television networks and big companies. Now he is starring in his own life’s work.


Melani van Broekwijk

Account manager

She is a killer in organizing stuff. She also loves things that has to do with health and beauty. She used to work in retail and has many years of working with customers.


Jen Taylor

Account manager content

She is one of those girls who was worn with a creative brain. She also loves working with computers and is therefor our default when it comes down to creating creative stuff on computers. She used to work for a content agency.